Why Choose MIDAS?

In a perfect world there would be no need for insurance. Our parcels would always arrive at their destination, our premises would remain undamaged and secure and our employees free from sickness and injury forever.

Today more than ever, the risks involved in running a business demand comprehensive insurance coverage. Midas Insurance Brokers can offer a diversity of products that will alleviate the burden of risk for any business. Our significant industry experience has enabled us to establish valuable connections and access to Ghana ’s and indeed the world’s leading insurance companies.

Everything we do, from the continual training of our employees through to the detailed investigation of our clients needs, is driven by our commitment to professionalism.security, quality, diversity

If the guarantee of security and service is our foundation, it's the extensiveness of our cover that gives us the edge. Our insurance packages will ensure every aspect of your business receives the protection it requires. Our thorough review of policies offered by Ghanaian and International insurers will ensure the price you pay remains competitive while nothing is left vulnerable or exposed.

Your peace of mind is our responsibility

Midas Insurance Brokers’ expertise has been gained, not only from many years of practical experience, but also from our obligation to gain insight into every industry that we cover.

We are an independently owned Ghanaian Insurance Broker, structured to provide the best available insurance protection and advice to suit your particular requirements.

The scope of our service is undeniable and the quality of the cover provided is guaranteed. So whatever aspect of your business you need covered and however many different areas there are, we can cover it.

Sincerely yours,
Managing Director